3-strip flooring (Type L at BERG & BERG) _ is the classic pattern. The individual strips are 66 mm wide and from 250 to 500 mm long.


XS On Edge Design _ Oak XS comes as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional "on edge design" parquet. A new look meeting an extraordinary taste. Due to their vibrant surface structure oak XS flooring elements excel by a special durability. After installation it has to be mechanically treated with maintenance oil.


Wide planks (Type XXL at BERG & BERG) _ have a large, continuous surface layer. The necessary logs required make this type more expensive than 3-strip products. In order to emphasise the typical wide plank optics, Berg & Berg bevels the longitudinal edges lightly. The boards are 2,390mm long but we allow up to a third in lengths of 800, 1,200 and 1,600 mm.


Important: When installing wide planks, it is important to open at least two or three bundles and mix them thoroughly before laying. This ensures that the floor has a natural and varied appearance. Boards with similar structure that stem from the same tree should be placed at a fair distance from one another.