Well buildt _3 layer flooring as our`s is more elaborate and expensive to produce than a simple solid floor. Technically, however, it is a better product. Thanks to its special design, Berg & Berg parquet is particularly stable and as a result is best suited for use even on underfloor heating.

A central difference _ The use of a high-quality middle layer is of particular importance when it comes to three-layer engineered flooring. We use exclusively slow-grown North Swedish pine. Upright annual rings ensure the highest degree of dimensional stability: a central difference in comparison to many other three-layer products which use chipboard, HDF or less-stable woods as a middle layer.

Simply new _ Berg & Berg parquet floors have a finished surface when they leave the factory (prefinished parquet). As a result, there is no irritation due to sanding dust or unpleasant smells during installation. You can move back into the room directly after laying the floor, which is ideal when renovating.