Swedish Naturals _ The Berg & Berg Swedish Naturals Collection includes parquet flooring in 9 different woods in both 3-strip flooring or wide planks (XXL). The native wood – oak, ash, red oak, silver maple, beech and pine – all originate in the forests of the southern Swedish Forest association of Södra of which Berg & Berg is a group member. The wood here has a very special character: It grows slower and is, thus, particularly dense and hard. The trees stand more freely and, because of the climate and the soil, develop a deeper colouring with special nuances, especially the oak. Swedish Naturals flooring come naturally oiled (colourless or light white stained) or varnished (semi-matt or extra matt). Since we supply many floors with 3-strip flooring and XXL plank flooring, it's possible to combine spacious rooms with plank flooring and smaller rooms with 3-strip flooring.