The thickness of the top layer _ The top layer should be thick enough to handle a lot over the course of its life. The thickness of Berg & Berg top layers is about 3,8mm. This guarantees that you can sand off our floors completely, indeed multiple times.


The length of the boards _Many manufacturers add short pieces on their floorboards. Not Berg & Berg. All boards – the ends as well – are at least 250 mm long – and even over 400 mm on average. The staggered arrangement of the boards creates a homogenous overall picture.


Right angles of the edges _ The hardwood of the surface layer of Berg & Berg flooring is always milled at right angles on the edges. This is the only way to ensure that no unsightly gaps form when the floor is sanded down. That’s why Berg & Berg flooring can be refurbished again and again, which ensures a long lifespan.